special issue of Open Theology on Manichaeism

Open Theology – De Gruyter’s open-access theology journal – has made available a special issue on Manichaeism, edited by John C. Reeves. Its contents include:

Introductory Remarks to the topical issue “Manichaeism – New Historical and Philological Studies”, Reeves, John C.

Many Faced Gods: Triadic (Proto-)Structure and Divine Androgyny in Early Manichaean Cosmogony, Pettipiece, Timothy

The Manichaean Attitude to Natural Phenomena as Reflected in the Berlin Kephalaia, Kósa, Gábor

The Epitaph of Mar Solomon, Bishop of South China, Administrator of Manicheans and Nestorians, Franzmann, Majella

New Developments in the History of East Uighur Manichaeism, Moriyasu, Takao

Further Textual Evidence Pertaining to the Enigmatic ‛Mani-Citations’ of Severus of Antioch, Reeves, John C.

On the Date of the Ritual Manual for the Celebration of the Birthday of the Ancestor of Promoting Well-being from Xiapu, Ma, Xiaohe

(via PalaeoJudaica)