Get Your Ideal Hogwarts House In Harry Potter House Quiz!

A rejoicing moment for all the potter heads out there as they can experience and test their skills in the latest developed Harry Potter house quiz. The revolutionary series written by J.K.Rowling is every child’s favourite and doesn’t disappoint any fancy fictional lover. The media has taken the excitement to a new level as the series claim a good turnout and overwhelming response on the box office. With the same zeal, the web game developers took the excitement a score higher with different puzzle and action games and, of course, the quizzes! Tangled names and enchanted spells, the players enjoy the most guessing and testing their knowledge.

Why Did Harry Potter Quiz Gain Popularity?

Ron, Harry or Hermione, every young reader has always wanted to be one of them. Even the movies attracted thousands to spread the fame. But, amidst the media sources, the quiz games gained fame due to:

  1. House Sorting Strategy: Most of the quizzes result in sorting the player to the houses. The Hogwarts houses have different characteristics and varied powers, which we have all related to while reading. The enticing games anticipated the players to expect their choice of the house coming up as the sorting hat plays its part. Similar to the chivalry that readers could feel at the sorting process in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the same atmosphere is experienced when they get a chance to get sorted. The game had equal fame among the adults who were potter heads but didn’t have media and such games when they were kids.
  2. Get Extra Knowledge: Books and movies have the bulk of content with names of places, spells and animals. It is fascinating to be one of the elites in the peer groups to know every detail. Even after multiple reads, people tend to skip some surprisingly popped up in the quiz. Many popular Harry Potter house quiz players have learnt new from the games to add more to their knowledge.
  3. Social Connectivity: Which land or country hasn’t Harry touched? It isn’t surprising to find a French or Hindi version of the books anywhere now. The games often have forums and comment sections where the Potter fans can share their views and thoughts. Those who get sorted into the same houses enjoy sharing connection forming social groups.

Principle Of The Game-Play

Isn’t it fascinating to read and reread the sorting hat and the dining hall scenes? The hat accurately judges the person’s characteristics and places them in their houses. Else, how would the story be if Harry was a Slytherin or Hermione a Ravenclaw!

The game acts on two principle bases for sorting the players. First, however, it is more or less the same way the real hat is supposed to work.

  1. Personality Test: General personality or behavioural questions to test the person’s response in different situations are posted. There would be options, and the points are gathered to make the score. Players could be sharp as Hermione, calm as Luna or even plotting as Draco! The houses depend on the personality their legacy reflects.
  2. Story Knowledge: The quiz can have extra rounds of testing the fictional story knowledge, which is the best part awaited. Learning new facts or effortlessly clicking the right options, it is worth showing off the perfect score when you can. The cumulative score of both the rounds taken into account, sort the players.

What Are The Houses?

Traits and talents bring strangers together. Exactly, this is what happens at every session commencement in Hogwarts. The new house comers are warmly received as family and work hard to get the house cup. Be it quidditch or the potions; the house stands together very well.

Hogwarts has namely four houses; Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Gryffindor is always up for the adventure where the Hufflepuff are calm and have super skills to appease people with the heroic and most active ones. Slytherin is always drafted as sly and ambitious, but they too have utmost bravery. Finally, Ravenclaw never fails to surprise any human with their best wits and creativity.

Sometimes the quiz can give varied results for the same person. Don’t be confused, as we change our thoughts and actions depending on the mood, which is what the game reflects. Nevertheless, it is fun and fascinating as the childhood bliss and excitement to get to a Hogwarts house became true in reality!

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