A guide to the best waterproof phone pouch


Swimming is one of the most pleasing aspects of summer since it allows you to cool off, but water will always be the deadliest enemy of many devices. Even while many modern phones are now water-resistant, they are usually only certified for a few seconds of immersion in freshwater.

In this review, we’ll go through the best waterproof phone pouch on the market and some shopping recommendations to help you select the appropriate one. These items were chosen for their excellent value for money, dependability, and convenience of use.

Multipurpose is the best waterproof phone pouch

Up to 6.0 in “100 feet waterproof | diagonal IPX8

  • Compatible with bigger phones
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Plenty of room for extras
  • Lanyard is uncomfortably thin.
  • The locking mechanism is challenging to operate.

The Universal Waterproof Pouch is among our favorite items in this category because of the great value compared to the competition. This case is made to stay waterproof, and it accomplished so in the whole of our testing, no matter what sort of water it was immersed in. However, we believe that seawater will deteriorate over time.

We could easily fit multiple phones into the case, including the Google Pixel 4, Samsung Galaxy S,iPhone 11 Max, and more. This waterproof pouch’s snap-and-lock technique keeps it secure against infiltration of water, but opening and closing it can irritate your nails after a time.

One of the few main drawbacks of this waterproof pouch is the poor quality of its lanyard when compared to its rivals. The chord is excessively thin and digs into the neck, mainly used with heavy phones. On the other hand, this bag is an excellent choice because of its security and low price.

A waterproof Phone Pouch is the best for clarity.

Up to 6.0 in “100 feet waterproof | diagonal IPX8

  • Video and photo clarity
  • Locks are simple to operate.
  • Hemming that is completely enclosed
  • Compact size
  • Swiping might be unreliable at times.

The enclosed hemmed around the edge of this bag provides more excellent protection. This extra layer of protection ensures that no water can get into the pouch for up to 2 hours of continuous submersion. We verified this with our testing, and the case remained dry for 3 hours.

The weaving is also ergonomically designed and pleasant to the touch, providing a comfortable border from which to grip the bag. One of the most significant advantages of this waterproof bag is that photographs and videos come out remarkably clear; however, you’ll want to turn off the flash to avoid glaring glare in your images.

While the tiny size of this case makes it much more portable than previous variants, it also makes it incompatible with several phones, including the iPhone 11. The only other issue you could encounter when using this bag is some trouble swiping, but you won’t have any issues that a 2nd or 3rd swipe won’t solve.

Usage of waterproof pouch

Usage relates to how simple it is to utilize the waterproof pouch plus personal phone when they are both inside. For example, the case’s locking latch and switches should be simple to operate without injuring your fingers. However, these cases’ tight seal makes them difficult to open and shut.

Many waterproof covers have poor touch detection while submerged, so you’ll need a screen made of TPU or some other synthetic material if you want to shoot images and movies underwater. Remember that TPU can’t compensate for tiny bubbles between the screen and the smartphone, rendering a touch screen problematic.


Another factor to consider if you plan on filming underwater is the quality of the back glass. Whereas the material will help improve the clarity of your images and videos, you’ll also need to account for the gap between the lens of the camera and the back window.

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