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If you require auto transport or nationwide car shipping, you’ve come to the right place. They at lucky star auto transport provide Avant-garde services for the same. Ship your car anywhere in the United States and enjoy meeting the driver. We will contact you at every stage of the automated delivery process across the country. 

Get to know the best nationwide car shipping provider

Lucky Star Auto Transport is a family-owned transport company. Founded in 2012 by Zoltan Jaska. Zoltan has 19 years of international driving experience, including 8 years of Golden Key Express and PRST in the US. The Lucky Star Car Transporter fleet consists of 80ft and 10 car transporters. They guarantee to take care of your car, make sure that it arrives on time, and keep your lines of communication open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during your expedition, keeping you informed throughout your journey. They won’t keep you waiting. Your safety is guaranteed throughout the process. Lucky Star Motor Transport is not a brokerage firm. However, they do have good relationships with major securities firms.

Clear billing and zero commission

When they deliver your car, the bill of lading will never include incidental charges. There are no hidden fees. The insurance premium is included in the price charged.

Services offered

  • Their automated delivery service includes pickup and drop-off at a convenient time for you. Your car will be shipped across the country with an external car carrier.
  • Collection and delivery service
  • Door to Door Service – Lucky Star Auto Transportation picks up your vehicle and delivers it to a location of your choice, including your home, office, or other location.
  • transport by truck

Tips for transporting a car when choosing a carrier.

They believe in creating a community where people get help in service and the form of discussion and theoretical solutions. They are not there to sell their services to profit them. They are renowned for their excellent customer care service as they solve their customer’s queries by suggesting them a way that. It is best suited for them. They value honesty and customer integrity above all else. This is the reason local homeowners and businesses trust them. Open vans are generally cheaper, but they expose the vehicle to the elements. Multiple carriers are cheaper than a single carrier, but it’s important to be flexible with delivery dates, as other vehicles often stop and pick up along the way. Your car is in a transport plane, but it still needs to be loaded and unloaded. If this is not the case, you must notify the carrier before entering the contract.

Trusted family run business

They are a small family-run national trucking and auto transport company. The company is based in San Jose, California, and provides nationwide auto shipping services. They offer exceptional consumer assistance and speedy delivery. Your vehicle will be treated with care and professionally transported during your trip; they aim to make all the customers happy and satisfied with the automated delivery service.

Contact them today

Even if it is an emergency, you can call them and trust them to serve you to your satisfaction. You can contact them via their contact number or their well-structured website.

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