Eicr Cost Everything You Should Know About

The eicr cost stands for the Electrical Installation Condition Report. It is used to be identified as the professional inspection and checkings of the properties equipped with the electrics. It also contains the power cutlets, various electrical appliances, and a fuse box. After the testing, the certificate of eicr is provided.

The overall cost of the eicr report is based on the various factors, but some of the services already set the ranges. For example, the costing factor includes the age and area of your home, the condition of the preinstalled cables, other electrical appliances, and total circuits installed in your home.

First, understand the term Eicr Cost: 

Eicr cost is nothing but the detailed assessment of the whole electrical system of your home. An eicr check, which typically takes four hours to complete, examines all fixed elements of the electrics, such as consumer units, switches, hollows, and cablings.

Many factors will influence how long the report takes to complete and thus the cost of your EICR report, including whether access is restricted, the property’s age, and whether any alterations have been made.

How much does the Eicr Certificate Cost?

Eicr cost for certification depends on the different factors, so, in total, it will cost 21,418 INR. The smaller home or another property area will cost between 8,000 INR to 11,000 INR. Whereas for a larger property or big house it will cost you 13000 INR to 22,585 INR. 

Based on the caballing’s, installed sockets and other electrical appliances this cost will change. 

Following Are the Things That Affect the Eicr Cost:

Eicr Cost is depended on the different factors and following are the main factors why it gets influenced.

  • The general area of your home or property:

Massive or spread areas typically have more than one socket and electrics, so as a result, when the inspection takes much time and when it gets done, you can expect to pay more for the certificate. Usually, if your area is enormous, you have to pay a large amount of money, whereas when you have a small home, you should pay less money. 

  • Commercial property or Domestic property:

Based on the communal rule, the electrical report costs more than the housing buildings for the commercial property. Besides, there are frequently additional power considerations, and commercial properties are more significant than a typical home.

  • How often should your place go under testing?

The overall time required depends on several factors, including the age and size of your home. Larger homes have more connections, appliances, and circuits to check, and older buildings may have outdated cords that take longer to test safely.

Usually, it’s suggested that the certification is approved in the aggregation of the portable tastings that consist of the testing of the portable devices. 

Examining a local area or property needs to be done at least every ten years or between each occupancy for rented properties.

A commercial or scalable area needs to be done more frequently, and electrical installation condition reports must be performed every five years.

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