How to use Costa invite offer?

How about getting a free coffee for yourself, yes you hear it right. There is a chance for you to get a free coffee just by doing some microtask. These are very easy to perform and have many benefits which include a cup of coffee for you. If you want to enjoy a coffee drink then stay with us in this article so that we will help you to understand the offers. There is a loyalty program running by using the Costa invite code. You have to invite people and they will help you to earn Costa coffee.

The best offer for getting a free drink

If you want a free drink offer and you are also addicted to coffee then, here is the best offer for you. By which you only need to invite your friends by using your invitation code and you get points in your account. Also, there are other ways to get points like during your registration in their loyalty program.

How is coffee good for health?

Many people are very much addicted to coffee like you might see some people who start their day with coffee or they want a drink before work. It works as a stimulant for us and in the same way it has many other health benefits. These are rich in caffeine which is beneficial for the body as it provides energy to us and also it makes the body feel more energetic. There are many different drinks in the market which help in different ways as they have different amounts of caffeine in them. They can work as energy drinks to everyday drinks which can be taken during morning or evening. These are also loved by the students, as it becomes essential for them which helps by providing energy for the work.

Steps for getting the offer

It is very important for people to first understand the steps and criteria for getting a free cup of coffee, as many times people select these but fail to complete them.

  • Step 1- The very first step is to download the Costa mobile app on your mobile device and complete the short registration process.
  • Step 2- During the registration, you are asked about the Costa invite code, where you have to enter VBVP6. By entering this code you will get 200 points.
  • Step 3- The 200 points that you have got by submitting an invite code it’s worth around 2 euros. Also, you will get 100 more points just for joining the loyalty program.

A total of 300 points is worth a cup of hot coffee.

Other benefits:

It is one of the best coffee services, as people can track their points directly from the app. Also, they can get 200 points by sharing their referral code to different users in their friends and family, and by checking regularly you get an idea of how much you are away from the other cup of coffee.

You can also place the order directly from the app when you are in a hurry as they are the best coffee provider which has a very broad fan base.

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