Increase Productivity with Telnyx Communications APIs

A communication API is a set of programming code that enables data transmission between more than one software product. It also contains the terms for this type of data exchange.

Application programming interfaces(communication APIs) generally consists of two components:

Technical specification describing the exchange of information options between software solutions with the specification done in the form of a request for data processing and delivery protocols.

Software interface created to the required specification that represents it

Each communication API contains and is implemented by function calls – language statements that request software to perform specific actions and services, these Function calls are usually described in the communication API documentation.

Communication APIs serve numerous purposes like, they can simplify and pace up software development process, Developers can add additional functionality from other providers to existing software solutions or can build custom new applications using various services offered by third-party providers. In all of these cases, a user do not have to deal with the source code, trying to understand how it was written and how does the other solution works. They simply connect their software to the other software using communication API and can start transferring the data. In other words, communication APIs serve as an abstraction layer between more than one systems, thus hiding the working details and complexity of the latter.

Types of APIs

  • APIs by availability

In terms of release policies, Communication APIs can be private, partner, and public.

  • Private:

API’s are generally used within the organisation. Apps are mostly created for organisation employees. Common use cases are the integration of company systems/app or development of new systems using existing resources.

  • Partner:

Openly promoted but available for specific partners. End business users are potential target audiences for such type of applications.

  • External/ Public:

These are available to any third party developer. Public communication APIs can be open and commercial.

Communication APIs by the use cases, Communication APIs can be classified as per the systems they are designed for.

Database APIs enable communication between an application and a DBMS. Developers work with databases by writing specific queries to access information, change tables, etc.

Operating systems APIs defines how an application use the available resources and services of an OS. Every Operating system has its own set of communication APIs.

Remote APIs define standards of data exchange for various applications functioning on different machines. In other words, one software accesses data resources located outside the specific device that requests them, Since two remotely located applications are connected virtually using communications network, specifically the internet, most remote communication APIs are written based on certain web standards.

Web API class is the most common one which provide machine-readable data and functionality transfer between web-based systems which represent client-server architecture. These communication APIs mainly deliver requests from web based applications and responses from servers using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Even if you are a marketer, or someone into support related services communication APIs are used in majority of the businesses. Telnyx is one of the premier communication API provider. Telnyx Communication APIs are backed by a purpose-built fibre optic network.

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