List Of The Best Hotels In College Station 

College Station isn’t exactly what the name suggests it is. While it does house the main campus of Texas A&M, it has its liberties and landmark tourist spots. Along with that, it also has its collection of chic hotels where you can stay with full amenities. 

The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum are the highlight of this little Texan town. There are plenty of antique stores, hybrid markets, and quaint streets for you to explore in the afternoons. 

So while you are having a fun time here, why not stay at the many hotels that dot the landscape? You can find anything from high-end hotels to ordinary bed-and-breakfasts here. Here is the list of the Best Hotels in College Station:

  • The George 

The George is one of the few hotels that gives the rustic feel with a refined touch. It is a new addition to the College Station landscape and offers the best Texan hospitality that the Southerners are famous for. The rooms are furnished with the best amenities, and you can find everything you need there. It is right next to Texas A&M University, right in the middle of Century Square. 

  • Holiday Inn & Suites 

Holiday Inn is one of the most famous hotels globally, and you can find one just 6.4km away from Texas A&M. Built keeping in the famous style of Holiday Inn, the hotel is a top-class establishment, where you can find the best of everything. Kem’s offers delicious breakfasts and American meals, with a great and relaxed vibe to it. The hotel has a 24-hour fitness center, and the rooms are superbly furnished. You won’t be left wanting here, and that is exactly what Holiday Inn is aiming for.

  • Fairfield Inn & Suites 

Fairfield Inn is strategically placed just a block away from Texas A&M. the university is renowned for its sporting events. Those coming to watch usually pick this hotel due to its closeness to the campus. The rooms are ergonomically designed, with great amenities and everything you need to enjoy your stay. The 100% satisfaction guarantee is achieved with the great and hospitable staff and the amazing food. There is a complimentary breakfast, and you can be assured that you will enjoy staying at Fairfield Inn.

  • Hilton Garden Inn College Station 

The Hilton has never disappointed when it comes to hotel services, and the one at College Station is perfect in the Hilton way. Rooms are fabulously furnished, with wheelchair access. They are large and well-aired. The food is great as well, served by the Great American Grill and The Garden Grill and Bar.

College Station is a great location to have a quiet weekend, filled with warmth, good food, and a great atmosphere. It isn’t merely for those whose children or relations are studying at Texas A&M, and anyone can come over and have a good time here. Lavish accommodations are available here for everyone, so go and check it out!

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