SEO Audit- Key to Expeditious Online Growth

Have you ever wondered while searching for something over search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing- why some websites appeared on the top of the results shown? Yet, at the same time, some are not even visible on the first page of results, why some websites have way more traffic than others, the process of ranking these websites, or the content shown to us as a result of the search.  Well, the answer to all these questions is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What is SEO?

A set of techniques used to rank/index a website on search engines. Search engines use different complex algorithms to arrange the search results in the most relevant order for the visitor, and almost all the time, the user gets his query answered on the first page itself.

SEO generates site traffic

After reading the subheading, the question one might ask is that there are various ways to generate site traffic, but what we don’t usually think of is that SEO audit is the largest source of traffic generator. Like I said, SEO is a gift that keeps giving. When users search for something which relates to your product/brand/niche etc. they know what they are precisely looking for, thus bringing quality traffic and also at the same time is not intrusive like tv ads or telemarketing, making it very user or customer-centric and also a great tool for inbound marketing.

How does Search Engine Optimization work?

Let’s talk about how a simple search page looks like. The first two or three top results are paid advertisements related to the search by google. After that, we have a knowledge graph that the search engine thinks is answering the query well. Down the line, we have organic results for our query. Typically, there are ten organic results (unpaid) on one page. They show up on the first page of results because they have a good job to answer a particular query. Then you have a  “people also ask” bar showing related queries.

No fewer than 10 per cent of the people click on the second page for search results, and here’s why SEO audit is so important for your website because the top organic results get more than 70 per cent of all the clicks. 

So what can you do to make it to the top results of the query? Here is the list of some major things to take be taken care of:

  • Relevance of content on the website to answer the query.
  • Concentrate on algorithms search engines works on.
  • Strong keywords related to the topic.
  • Quality backlinks
  • Responsive

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization-

  • Brand Reputation- When someone searches for you and sees you on top of the results, building trust is a huge factor. Search results can bein the form of written content, images or videos.
  • Thought Leader- Your fresh, relevant and new thoughts or content being shown at the top of the search results help you emerge as a thought leader among the masses.
  • Targeted traffic- SEOhelps you get targeted traffic for keywords that you want.
  • Credibility
  • Better conversion rate
  • Increase social media followers
  • Provide better user experience
  • Growth
  • Visibility

You must have now got an in-depth analysis of how you can enhance your website reach and bring more relevant traffic to your website and how SEOplays a major role in your digital presence. So, if you have a business and want to grow it digitally, what are you waiting for? Go, get started!!

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