What are the top plugins for DaVinci for amazing videos? 

Plugins are a smart aid to amplify the functions of any software or even the browser. A plugin is an additional software component to add to any program. It is not originally present but can be integrated easily by downloading or through authorized stores. There are a lot of great plugins that are affordable, but some are free too as a top software that enables users to do a lot like editing, color correction, motion graphics, and more. One can also invest in davinci resolve effects pack for additional functions. Apart from that, one can also opt for these fantastic plugins. 

  1. Motion Array 

This plugin is the best way to level up the software and deliver faster results. It is great for various things like inserting animated titles, transitions, and much more. There are several free effects one can download. But one can get unlimited access with paid memberships. It also has royalty-free music, lots of stock images, and more. So, the entire process of producing a video becomes quick with this plugin. 

  1. False Color 

It is a plugin to enhance the color correction and helps to make up the exposure of the footage. Though there are several options in the davinci resolve effects library, False Color improves the selection of the right exposure level. It also enables mapping exposure levels to their respective color values. It is an asset for colorists and filmmakers, and it is affordable also. 

  1. Neat Video 

If noise is trouble, this is one of the best plugins for davinci resolve as it makes the footage cleaner. It also gets rid of the noise resulting from faster footage. In the latest version, one can even remove scratch and dust from the footage, reduce the flicker and improve sharpening. 

  1. DEFlicker 

It is one of the top plugins to eliminate any accidental flicker in the footage. From high frame rate to time-lapse to artificial lighting, this issue may appear due to any of these conditions. But, this plugin smooths out flicker through color analysis and pixel tracking. It is comparatively expensive, i.e., $250. 

  1. Beauty Box 

It is a great way to deal with correcting the skin complexion of the subject. It allows the editors to track the face and correct the person’s skin in the footage. It also grants control to manage other values of the footage. 

  1. Mocha Pro 

It is one of the most popular plugins for planar tracking in the post-production process. Planar tracking is used to track the footage to pick the surface of the area or object. It helps with masking, adding, and adjusting objects in the post-production stage. It also helps in stabilizing movements and supports several stereo formats. This plugin is now becoming the standard for professional video editing and workflow. 

Plugins are an easy and affordable method to boost the performance of software, program, or browser. For Davinci Resolve, some great plugins in the market make post-production work easier. 

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