An Overview Of The Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a free smartphone application connecting games to the entire world. The game uses location search and mapping technology to construct AR (augmented reality), where participants capture and train Pokemon characters in actual life. The user must be at least 13 years old to register for the game. Nevertheless, this condition stipulated that parents of kids under the age of 13 may register to play the game on their behalf. 

What is Pokemon Go?

It is short for a pocket monster. It is a Nintendo franchise that was born as a Game boy game in the mid-1990s. This game focuses on a fictional character called Pokemon. It captures and trains humans (Pokemon trainers) and fights against each other. The Japanese franchise has become known for its impressive graphics and appealing characters. The predominant game has grown into a successful franchise that spans television, trading cards, comics and toys. Twenty years later, Pokemon has made a big comeback in the form of location-based smartphones games. 

The players in the game 

Pokemon go is a little different from the previous games in the series. Pokemon trainers (small characters created at the beginning of the game) are for gaining experience and levelling up. Every Pokemon has its knowledge points and levels, but Go does not in the original game. 

Reasons to get to the higher level-

  • As your rank goes up, you will be able to encounter and acquire more and more powerful Pokemon.
  • Valuable items will get unlocked at specific levels. 

Proper objects for levelling are lucky eggs. The use of eggs sets a 30-minute timer that receives duplicate experience points. You can have a lucky egg with some Pokemon’s development and can have several of them to send in your way to get the most bang for your money. These eggs get awarded after level 9 at a later level. It can also get purchased from the store using Poke coins. 

Training the Pokemon

Once you have caught a Pokemon, it is your job as a trainer to instruct it. There are three characteristics of Pokemon to consider when training with Go.

  • Moves

Every Pokemon in Go has two movements, a standard movement and a unique movement. Go Pokemon doesn’t have the level and knowledge of other Pokemon games, but you can make them more effective with your assistance. You can improve your Pokemon stats in two ways- power them up or, if possible, evolve them into a better version of themselves. 

  • Power-ups

It will improve your Pokemon’s HP and CP. To perform the same, you need something relatively simple and a little more complicated. The simple thing is stardust. It automatically gets collected each time you catch a Pokemon and demands a specific amount for each power-up. More complicated are candies. It gets presented in different forms for each line of evolving Pokemon.

  • Evolution

You only need candies and not stardust to take Pokemon to the next evolutionary step. You may have to collect it in relatively large quantities. Evolution gives Pokemon a big CP boost and presents the player with enough experience. One thing to keep in mind as you evolve is that Pokemon attacks will change later. Therefore, if you have a very rare Pokemon in your favourite movement, it may be worth exiting it until you can catch another Pokemon. For beginners, most of the articles available from Poke stops are Poke balls and sometimes eggs. When you put an egg in the egg incubator, the player will move a certain distance and then hatch into a Pokemon. All participants start with the Egg Incubator, and others can buy with Pokecoin. It also allows you to make 2 pokemon go accounts.

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