Mastering Digital Acquisition with Joash Boyton

As a part of a business or organization, one of the most important processes is attracting new customers and retaining them through various marketing strategies. Companies these days choose to do this process digitally and this is called digital acquisition. In simple words, it means acquiring customers for your business, digitally. For this, lots of media and engagement tools are in use. It proves beneficial to your company in the following ways-

  • Increasing revenue ensuring sufficient money to pay employees, meet costs and reinvest in the business for its further growth and development
  • Showing investors, influencers, partners, and other third parties that your business has traction in the market and is healthy in financial terms
  • Identifying new niches or demographics in the market, along with the best strategies to better reach these potential consumers

Website designing as a part of digital acquisition

Digital marketing plays a key role in acquiring customers digitally. It involves the use of digital platforms like social media, emails, websites, etc. for marketing purposes. One of the important aspects of digital marketing is having a great website and that is where website designing plays a crucial role. A great website is one that attracts traffic, is easy to understand, creative in looks, and also dynamic in coping with immediate changes if necessary. Search Engine Optimization also adds up to this. All these elements in perfect sync are what help your website grow, leading to the growth of your business. 

Digital Imaging

A digital still image is a common form of a computerized image. There are special digital cameras that capture such images and retain them in this form. The image stored is made up of lots of tiny pixels, and the customer can then choose the desired resolution and quality of the image they want. Digital imaging too, plays a part in digital acquisition because having good resolution images is essential in conveying a message to the customers.

Having read the gist of what digital acquisition exactly is and what could come under it, you might have already understood its importance in building your organization. It covers various aspects like direct marketing, website marketing, digital imaging, etc. This website was made to spread knowledge and will serve as your guide to digital acquisition.

If you are looking for companies that provide and help you in digital acquisition, it has got you all covered. They are Mergers & Acquisition Brokers that specialize in digital acquisitions and exits. Acquiry has developed a strong track record of delivering the right acquisitions, to the right people, at the right time. If interested, you can book your appointment at your convenience through their website.

About the Founder

Joash Boyton is a passionate and successful entrepreneur and an investor in multiple companies and ventures. He has emerged as a leading strategist and digital acquisitions specialist in the Business Brokerage Industry and is well-reputed for his vast industry knowledge. He has gained invaluable experience in all aspects of business strategy, digital marketing, and M&A. He partnered with Capital Verge, went on to co-found an asset management company called BDB Group, and later on also founded 

After a decades-worth experience in the industry, in 2021, Joash founded his flagship company Acquiry Pty. Ltd which has an international client base too. He now works towards Acquiry’s rapid growth and development.

Getting to learn and experience services from an industry expert like Joash is surely considered for your company. So if you are looking for M&A services or to know about them, you can refer to the websites mentioned in this article.

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